Splat! Went the Purple Dye All Over My Bathroom Floor!

So, last night I dyed my dark brown hair with Splat!’s newest creation “Splat! Midnight Haircolor.” According to the box and all the promotional articles I’ve read, it’s specially formulated for brunettes! No bleaching required. It comes in three colors, Indigo, Amethyst, and Ruby.  Regardless of what the picture on the front of the box shows (which is a gorgeous jewel tone) the chart on the back was fairly accurate for me, dark brown hair means a visible tint inside and shows really nicely in bright sunlight.

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A bit of background: I have dyed my hair maybe half a dozen times, all of them either at home or usually at my friend’s house (never professionally).  I’ve also never bleached it because I love my hair. Up to this point I’ve used Ion from Sally Beauty Supply with varied results. Usually I’ve used some form of red because of jobs that I’ve had that aren’t fond of “unnatural” hair colors. (Except for that one time I tried to dye my hair blue for Comic-Con and it came out a terrible green, which is when I learned that blue and brown don’t mix.) So I was very excited when Spat! released this hair color, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Here we go! My hair had a tiny bit of red left in it from the last time I did my hair, so I don’t know how much that did or did not affect the coloring process this time. This was only my second time coloring my hair all by my lonesome. I can usually wrangle my friend into helping, but she was busy and I’m impatient!



So this hair color was more liquidy then Ion’s, and I liked that very much, it made it much easier to smear all over my hair, and there was plenty to do my hair which isn’t very long but is very thick. As a result I did not have to touch the second bottle I bought (Yay! $8.99 plus tax saved!)  The downside of really liquidly is that it will drip everywhere, so cover EVERYTHING.

As it is “non damaging,” you can leave it in for a while and won’t end up with crispy hair. The box says to leave it in for an hour or longer (The longer the more color). One of the reviews on Target.com said she left it for an hour and a half. Not to be outdone, I left in it in for 2 hours after I finished applying it. (and looked super stylish with that plastic bag on my head) After that, I just washed and conditioned per the directions.

As I perpetrated this madness very late at night, I really didn’t get to see the results till I got up in the morning. And the results? I’m pretty happy. Of course I would have preferred super bright, but I knew realistically you can’t do that without bleach. For what it is and what I didn’t have to do, I think it came out really well. I think if I had my sister’s light brown hair it would have been amazing! I really, really want to try the Indigo, but it seems to be impossible to get a hold of. If I still can’t find blue when this wears off, I’m going to try for the red!

So to recap: For 9 bucks and no bleach I’m really happy.  It applied easily and turned out pretty good.  I would defiantly recommend leaving the dye on for as long as you feel comfortable with.  Will it ever replace my galaxy colored dreams? Nope, but until I’m in a time and place for that to become a reality, this is a very good substitute.

I’ll do a quick update in a couple weeks and let you wonderful people know how it holds up!


Pokemon Go
A wild Eevee appears!

It’s summer time. School is out, kids are everywhere, it’s ridiculously hot, and usually my house is full of the bickering that brothers do. Not today. Today there is talk of Pikachu and Squirtle. Today they’re trying to decide if our dog Mojo should have been named Growlithe. Today there is peace among the ranks. They’re excited, tired out, and have something interesting to share, which is really hard when one is a teenager and one is a few weeks from ten. Even better, it is something I can share with them too.

I missed the original introduction of Pokemon. I was too busy with Magic the Gathering, marching band, drama, and being a “mature” high school senior to have time for my little brother’s video games (not to mention I was truly terrible at anything that wasn’t Diablo or Gabriel Knight). It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that it got interesting.

My oldest child watched every series he could find, played all the games, collected the cards, and had a stuffed Piplup. I was so glad that particular critter ran out of batteries after three long years of hearing “Piplup? Piplup.” In the middle of the night. Because my oldest son loves Pokemon, my youngest son loves Pokemon. If I couldn’t play along with my boys, what kind of geeky mama would I be?

Pokemon Go collected Pokemon
Gotta Catch ’em All!

I played the oldest child’s games on his Nintendo DS but it wasn’t until Black and White came out that I got my own game (mostly because I finally had a DS to play on). I caught everything I could, hatched everything I could, did the best I could to complete it all. It’s more addictive than people think, and it’s not just about finishing the game.

It goes without saying that Pokemon Go is pretty big in my house right now, and it is awesome. The kids and I are taking walks around the neighborhood and actually saying hello to our neighbors! We’re learning our city, competing with each other to see who can get what – my oldest child caught a Rhyhorn but I have a Cubone. My youngest child doesn’t have a phone of his own as he isn’t old enough for that, but I let him catch them, learn their stats, and evolve them and that’s really all he wants to do anyway. He’s just happy to get out and do stuff.

I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure how people are getting hurt playing this. Common sense is a great thing, and you really don’t have to be right on top of something to catch it, spin it, or otherwise interact with it. Yes, if you’re walking around staring at your phone, you’re likely to run into things, but the app has this really great vibrate feature when a wild whatever appears. Playing this particular game is no more dangerous than texting while walking.

There are always those who don’t have anything nice or supportive to say, but I’d really rather my kids play Pokemon with me than a lot of other things they could be doing. I love this app. I am hoping we can continue it in some way after school returns as it’s great at getting some of that pent up energy out, and we don’t walk in silence; we talk to each other about a little bit of everything. To me, that’s the best part. Even better than catching a Meowth (which I did). Besides, there’s a handy dandy distance monitor under the awards, and we’re now 5.1 km closer to Rivendell.

Editor’s Note: Check in with Sarah a month into the  journey at her blog.