Month: September 2016

A woman’s advice for girls choosing technology

Brenda Cooper is a futurist and author whose day job is a city Chief Information Officer. We interviewed her last week, and she agreed to write about what choosing a tech career means for a woman. She is currently Kickstarting a YA novel. I’m 56 years old, and I’ve been in technology for 28 years – I started while I was still in college, working nights and doing computer system backups onto tapes that were both heavy and fragile, and sorting library cards (in those days, each library book had a hard paper card with holes in it that...

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Shark Bait: A Talk Like A Pirate Day Menu

Along with all of the games we will be playing today, my crew and I are enjoying some swashbuckling inspired foods! Some of these are super easy to throw together and others require some serious prep time (there are time saving as well as gluten free alternatives included with my recipes and suggestions!). Many of the recipes are kid friendly as well so no one has to miss out on the festivities. Our menu includes a full variety of foods ranging from one-handed sandwiches to scurvy fighting fruit salads to a treasure trove of desserts and cocktails (mocktails too!)....

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