Author: SarahWagner

Melt and Pour Crayons

One of the side effects of having children is that you end up with bags and boxes full of broken crayons, crayons from restaurants, crayons from school year’s past. I really hate to throw away useful things and so, I had a shoe box full to the brim of crayons. With Halloween fast approaching, I finally figured out what to do with all of the discarded crayons. Melt & Pour Crayons   Supplies: – silicon molds – generally these are ice cube trays. The Dollar Tree carries shaped molds for nearly every holiday. For this project, I have two...

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Halloween Wreath DIY

I love decorating for holidays, and I love making things for said decorating. The problem with holiday crafting is that, if you aren’t careful, it can get pretty expensive. This wreath isn’t like that. I spent less than $10 on this wreath, but your cost may vary a little bit because I happened to have a handful of unused rubber snakes on hand thanks to my children. Supplies for Halloween Wreath You need: Wreath Form – I chose wire, but you can use other forms just as easily, though I’d recommend spray painting grapevine wreath forms black before you...

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It’s summer time. School is out, kids are everywhere, it’s ridiculously hot, and usually my house is full of the bickering that brothers do. Not today. Today there is talk of Pikachu and Squirtle. Today they’re trying to decide if our dog Mojo should have been named Growlithe. Today there is peace among the ranks. They’re excited, tired out, and have something interesting to share, which is really hard when one is a teenager and one is a few weeks from ten. Even better, it is something I can share with them too. I missed the original introduction of...

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